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Our innovative bidding process enables authorized vendors to blindly bid for your business. This process ensures that dealers can't lock you in, no solicitation from multiple vendors and receive the best offers currently in-market.

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  • Telecom Evaluation

    Determining your business needs

    Step 1
  • Blind Bidding Process

    Vendors compete for your services

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  • Bid Delivery

    Select the best offer available

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  • Device Management

    We can assist your organization with hardware policy development and planning. This includes device selection and configuration, employee usage tracking and organizational technology upgrades to improve business efficiency.

    We’ll equip you with the tools and software applications to manage your organization’s suite of technology hardware. More than ever, the importance of secure, accessible devices is critical to the sound operation of any business.

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  • Expense Management

    The truth is, you're likely overpaying for your telecommunications services. We can elimiate that fact for good. Our team proactively tackles cost overuns and reduced margin expansion with our array of expense reduction strategies.

    Telecommunications companies typically rely on customer oversight as a way of gaining additional revenue. We actively implement cost reduction techniques to maximize earnings without compromising productivity.

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  • Network Infrastructure & IT

    We can ensure that your business is able to meet the intense demands of your customer base. Our team of network and connectivity experts can assist you with matching the needs of your organization with modern technology solutions that can increase both productivity and reliability.

    Typically speaking, businesses are usually underequipped in the area of technology solutions. Maintain your competitive edge & take advantage of new hardware configurations that can boost profitability.

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  • Invoice Auditing & Analysis

    Our experienced suite of telecom specialists will examine your invoice, line by line to identify anomalies and other cost saving opportunities. Take advantage of special deductions unlocked by your service requirements and/or hardware criteria.

    Charges for voice and data services typically exceed that your peers with similar usage and device requirements. Service providers typically continue to apply financing charges associated with hardware long after balances have been paid.

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  • Hardware Repurchasing

    Recover the value of your used hardware after upgrading to new devices. Typically speaking, approximately 80% of the value of the device is lost over it's usage timeline, while the remaining 20% is never recuperated.

    We’ll evaluate your fleet of hardware devices and issue your payment based on a combination of fair market value and current demand. Your earnings can also be used to supplement the cost of your new services.

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Reduce business operating expenses & save time
with our innovativeBlind Bidding Process

  • "Fast & easy! CellyStop made my decison simple and gave me all the information I needed."

    Agnes Orozco

    Pinnacle Logistics
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  • "Upgraded devices for my entire fleet of drivers while maintaining all my expense reduction goals."

    Samuel Kearney

    PHP Diagnostics
    star star star star star
  • "My specialist was patient, insightful and helped me make the right choice."

    Ameer Bain

    Bain Consulting Group
    star star star star star
  • "Improved our fibre connection to the exchange with hardware upgrades so that we could maintain our edge."

    Olaf Jensen

    Perpetuum Group
    star star star star star
  • "CellyStop handled the rollout of new tech to our network of agents and contractors on different ends of the city."

    Inaayah Juarez

    Autothority Inc.
    star star star star star
  • "This is my 2nd time using CellyStop over the past 5 years and their service gets better every time."

    Kashif Ali

    Echo Roots Wellness
    star star star star star
  • "Upgraded all of our employees in 3 provinces to the iPhone 12. The process was seamless, including our SIM swaps."

    Tiya Whitaker

    Meridian Heathcare
    star star star star star
  • "Very happy with your consulting services. I always thought switching would be complicated but I was wrong."

    Vera Benjamin

    Sepectacle Photography
    star star star star star
  • "New trucks means we needed new GPS tracking and CellyStop made it happen for all 21 vehicles in no time."

    Conner Parra

    TrueTurf Landscaping
    star star star star star
  • "I actually saved money AND upgraded to new devices for the entire staff of plumbers and servicemen. Unbelieveable!"

    Vihan Lyon

    Pearce Plumbing
    star star star star star
  • "Data usage has always been an issue for us but we were finally able to get enough data for an appropriate price."

    Shivam Abaza

    Abaza Imports Ltd.
    star star star star star
  • "I usually upgrade every 2-3 years, but we couldn't pass up on the deals that I got from CellyStop."

    Brett Francis

    Fran-Co Freight
    star star star star star

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